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    contact me at:

    Linda Learn
    Class Act Fabrics
    PO Box 307
    (570) 836-2318
  email me at
Linda (at) classactfabrics (dot) com

Here's a neat color site.
I think the colors are
truest of all the color
lists out there:
and another one!

Class Act Fabrics is going on sabbatical. I'm not going to be working the shop because I'm going back to school and need to really work hard at studying!

    Class Act Fabrics
Fabricmonger to Crowns of the West Kingdom, SCA

August 25, 2014.. starting graduate school at Marywood University for a masters in Art Therapy. I'm thinking about writing a 'diary' here on my website but knowing how I procrastinate that may just be wishful thinking ;)

****Dec. 5, 2011...I'm still working outside the store. Phone calls are NOT the best way to reach me... emails work better.

****As of April 2009, I'm working at a local agency outside my store. Evenings before 10 PM eastern time are best if you are calling, but I generally prefer email. I can see exactly what you are saying ;)  I'm sorry I haven't gotten pictures up of the latest fabrics...hopefully I can catch up soon****

I'm afraid the fabric prices are going up because of the rising costs....shipping is a bummer. Manufacturing costs are increasing...American manufacturing costs are skyrocketing.     Shipping from abroad is exorbitant.

All this is a very good reason to buy quality classic fabric and sew classic styles that will always be 'in'.  Gone are the beautiful big fabric stores that only had a tiny craft table in the back. Gone are the lazy afternoons fondling fabric and getting high on fabric formaldehyde ;-)  ....but you can still get a swatch to fondle before you buy.  Cheaper than a road trip, although I'll still be happy to put the coffee on and clear a spot at the table for your visit.

****Sep 2007....Talking about moving....I'd like to move to where my kids are...near Erie PA. However, at this time (late 2007) the bottom seems to have dropped out of the real estate market. So I'll remain here until someone realizes what a bargain this place is and begs me to sell it to them ;-)   Perhaps this spring I'll put up a page on this wonderful location and neat little house. The only reason I want to move is that I'm feeling my mortality at age 60...the grandkids are growing up and I'm not close enough to enjoy them.

HOWEVER..... The best laid plans of mice and men (often go astray).    I've had to reconsider moving anywhere. The market fell out of everything just as I made my plans. Perhaps in the future I'll get to the western side of PA.  For right now, January 2008, I'm here in my snug little bungalow with the front rooms filled with my fabric store ;) Give me a call and come visit....I'll put the coffee pot on.
Welcome . We have for your sewing pleasure: silk, linen, wool, velvets and other neat stuff.

    When I opened my fabric store in 1989, I was simply a single mother and "fabriholic" who had to make a living. Then I was bitten by the dread costume bug...species, historic...and nothing has been simple since.

    Our fabric is current couture fabric. Most is classic and is also appropriate for historic costuming , reenactors and SCA garb as well as current high fashion. However, sometimes a fabulous "modern" fabric is irresistible and  that comes to live here too. Some fabrics....fine silks and taffetas, extrafine worsted wool, fine cottons...are excellent doll costuming fabrics for doll collectors, doll artists and doll owners. I work at finding fabrics that fit antique and reproduction dolls. They are excellent for modern dolls, too. 

     We have coated steel boning for corset stays and living history costumes. The boning sizes are in half inch increments. And I have a great white cotton boning casing for both 6mm (1/4") and 1/2" bones.
    We have "natural" fiber fabrics: pure linen, silk, wool. And we have some  fashion fabric made with "pure manmade fibers" and from blends of natural and manmade fibers.
    I try to find period appropriate weaves, brocade and colors and have a list of historic textiles I'm always trying to locate in the modern world. This can be daunting. If you have a request for an "historic textile" I would be happy to add it to my 'search for' list.

    Because I didn't know what quantities I need for an online business, I did as my mentor told me: "Start with what you have, Linda. Just start!"  Most of my yardage is limited and when its gone, its gone. I sell half yards with no problem. My only problem is the limited space I have.

    What I'd like to do now is to have a couple pages with what I'm researching about historical textiles. I really wanted to start a newsletter but after 2 tries I think I'll just try to add more 'info pages'.

    I would appreciate your comments and  feedback about my site and its contents. Please include your email address for a reply.


My store is located in Northeast  Pennsylvania, approximately 25 miles northwest of Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, just south outside of Tunkhannock. Store hours are erratic with hours by appointment to make sure I'm here.  Call (570) 836-2318 and leave a message (evenings, eastern time, you sometimes can catch me here), or email me at Linda(at)classactfabrics(dot)com to set up a time or to talk to me. Email is best.

Linda F Learn,   Class Act Fabrics   (AKA Dragon's Magic)
                            PO Box 307
                            Tunkhannock, PA  18657-0307

   If a page with merchandise hasn't got a date at the bottom from within a year, try to 'refresh' the page.  If it still doesn't have a date within a year, please let me know! I do take off fabric as I sell it but getting the pictures of fabric on the pages just isn't going well. I messed up my arms and now have to get help draping and re-bolting the fabric.


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