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 Class Act Fabrics   ...Velvets...

Fabricmonger to Crowns of the West Kingdom, SCA

Velvet was manufactured in Europe in the late 13th century, chiefly in Italy and Spain. The earliest reference to its use in England that I have found was in 1278....Edward I's bed hangings. By the early 14c. it was no longer rare but still expensive. Many velvets were half-silk velvets, with a warp of silk, a weft of linen or hemp, and a pile of silk. There have even been wool velvets
    There were plain velvets, some patterned with floral designs, stripes and checks, and some with metal threads woven in. Velvet had a fine weave also: 45 warp threads per cm and 24 weft threads per cm in one sample. There were "voided" velvets, uncut pile patterned velvets, metal thread ground velvets and more!


    The swatch colors have been fiddled with to try to match the original fabrics as close as possible...sigh.
I have a problem taking pictures of velvets....the colors either have speckles or they don't reflect a color at all.  I try to get as many 'drapes' and folds as I can because the color will be there somewhere. most of the velvets look very dark in the thumbnails but lighter full size. I try to give the right color description in words.

click on the fabrics enlarge them and see the details 

45" "silk" velvet
This is what is commonly called "silk velvet" nowadays. It isn't pure silk velvet but it feels very very good. Soft, slinky, luscious look for formal wear, (also fabulous "Goth")


...swatches are available for a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a quarter

click to enlarge to show color/sparkle
59" rayon velvet
98% rayon/2% lurex
A glitzy velvet with more hand than a plain rayon or rayon silk velvet. The silver lurex woven into the ground makes a subtle shimmer.

I'm trying a second picture with my new camera. This one shows the back of the fabric too. Perhaps between the two it will give you a better idea. This would be such a great holiday outfit!
Christmas green



45" velvet, "pleat-creased"
100% rayon
A very interesting effect! Wish I could figure out what to use it for.
I took another picture with my new camera. I think you can see better that the pile is black with a blue sheen caused by the gold ground.

What do you think about a long skirt?
gold ground/black/blue pile

about 5-6 yards left

click to enlarge to show the lurex stripes
#061 - 062
45" rayon pile/silk back
white velvet with gold lurex stripe
#062...black velvet with silver lurex stripe
Think plush tuxedo style gown...or sweater style wrap...or Grecian toga...or Empire ball gown...or drapey wedding gown.
Would make striking Goth too

about 5-6 yards of black/silver left



45" panne velvet
slinky, sexy, slippery



45" panne velvet
also slinky, sexy and liquid gold

58" stretch velvet, polyester
Easy care, fun to wear!
This would make a spectacular riding tunic...or skating, dance, or fencing outfits ;)
black with gold rose
and vine print


54" stretch velvet
champagne glitz
only about 3.5 yards left


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