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Doll makers need special fabrics. The fabric design, thread size, and woven pattern all have to look "in scale" for the doll, and the fabric has to drape correctly for the scale.

I really don't have fabric for modern dolls (after 1950s, I'd say).  I'm sorry.

I used to sell this fabric at doll shows but got frustrated with two state sales tax reports (due at different times) and the packing in a small car. So these fabrics, Japanese shirting cottons, fine cottons with small prints, silk taffetas, and even some acetates, have been sitting by themselves in a corner while the "big people's"  fabrics have been sold.

I have decided that its a bad thing to let this nice fabric languish unappreciated.   Now that I've pretty well figured out how to take pictures of "big people" fabric I'll start on the dolls' fabric. I've already found out it takes steadier hands.

This first JPEG is of my other helpful assistant, Susan Q.  She's even nicer to work with than Susie Q.... Susan doesn't reach out with her only arm and snag you as you walk by.

Susan is a 16 inch china head with a leather body and glazed arms and legs. Special to no one but me. I found her at an auction about 15 years ago, washed her face, salvaged her dress for a pattern and made her a new dress from this extra nice cotton with a fine print. She seems to like it.

Check out my linen page for handkerchief linen, the "Other" for cottons and acetates, etc, the "silk" for 100% silks, etc.  It may take a little time to get the jpeg up but until then, the picture below can be enlarged to see some of the fine cottons I have left.

click on image to see details!

NOTE: the reddish fabric, the second bolt standing from the right side, can't be seen well in this picture.  It actually is tiny red stripes.

Here is a JPEG of some fabric from the 50's or early 60's. It has been identified as Extra-fine India Lawn. It is 100% cotton with a finish. But the darker yellow of this fabric seems to have had less of the finish... it is softer. Perhaps these two fabrics were left over because there was a manufacturer's flaw in the finish. Even without the crisper finish this is really nice fabric.

click on image to increase the size

I don't have vintage fabrics for sale at this time other than the yellow lawns. I really have a problem parting with the fabric pieces I got from my mother and grandmother. Let me "think on it" for a while. I'll try to figure out a way to preserve my memories and share them too..... then I can  "let go".

CORRECTION: I'M READY TO LET GO! I'm tired of moving it and afraid what would happen if another ceiling pipe lets go unexpectedly.  I have started putting up vintage fabrics from my mother, grandmother and my stashes. See the 'stash' page.

If you are really "into" vintage fabrics, then you need to check out the column by Joan Kiplinger at http://www.fabrics.net/   where she and guest columnists write about them.