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    In the "search for truth" about what fabrics would have been like in the past, I do a lot of reading. What follows is my list of favorite books. These are for textile research, historic fiber use, fabric names/terms, clothing terms, clothing design, fabric weave, etc. They may not be the latest, they may not be the most complete and all inclusive.  But they were obtainable at the time and have served me well.

    If you have some really good book titles for fabric research, I'd like to hear about them. And if you have a source for them too, why, I'd probably drool on you until you told me where I could get them. (only figuratively speaking...)

My favorite research books on TEXTILES:

A History of Textile Art by Agnes Geijer, published 1979 by Pasold Research Fund Ltd in association with Sotheby Parke Bernet Pub., London, ISBN 0 85667 055 3

Opera Textilia Variorum Temporum the Museum of National Antiquities, Stockholm Studies 8,  edited by Inger Estham and Margareta Nockert, printed by Broderna Ljungbergs Tryckeri AB, Sodertalje 1988,  ISBN 91 7192 742 5

Medieval Finds From Excavations in London:4, Textiles and Clothing c.1150-c.1450 ,by Elisabeth Crowfoot, Frances Pritchard and Kay Staniland, copyright the Board of Governors of the Museum of London an HMSO publication  printed in United Kingdom , 1992 ISBN 0 11 290445 9

Medieval English Clothmaking, An Economic Survey (Pasold Studies in Textile History), by A.R.Bridbury, pub. by Heinemann Educational Books Ltd, London, 1982, ISBN   0 435 32138 2

Textiles in America, 1650-1870, by Florence M. Montgomery, distrib by W.W.Norton & Co, NY,NY,  ISBN 0 393 01703 6

My favorite costume research books (this is long and will take a while to complete):

20,000 Years of Fashion, by Francois Boucher, pub Harry M. Abrams, Inc, NY NY, 1987, ISBN 0 8109 1693 2

The Book of Costume, by Millia Davenport, Crown Publishers, NY NY, 1948....I'm sorry but my copy doesn't have an ISBN.

A Short History of Costume and Armor, Chiefly in England, 1066-1800, by Francis Kelly and Randolph Schwabe, Charles Scribner's Sons, NY NY, 1931. Again, I'm   sorry...no ISBN.

A Visual History of Costume, the Sixteenth Century, by Jane Ashelford, B.T.Batsford LTD, London, 1993, ISBN 0 7134 6828 9

The Dress of the Venetians, 1495-1525, by Stella Mary Newton,   Pasold Studies in Textile History #7, Scholar Press, Gower Pub Co, Vermont, 1988, ISBN 0 85967 735 4

More follows later...


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