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    contact me at:

    Linda Learn
    Class Act Fabrics
    PO Box 307
    (570) 836-2318
  email me at
Linda (at) classactfabrics (dot) com

Here's a neat color site.
I think the colors are
truest of all the color
lists out there:
and another one!

Class Act Fabrics is going on Sabbatical. I'm going back to school and shutting down the store until I've finished, got my masters degree, got my certificates and licenses and am a practicing Art Therapist. That may be a while. However, I don't think I'll be able to get rid of the 'fabriholic' in me...just keep it under control.

  Class Act Fabrics  ...Ordering Information...

about checks: The law "Check 21" went into effect Oct 28, 2004. Checks will be cleared electronically. That will do away with any "grace" period. Ask your bank what it means to you! Watch your balance closely or it could cause you overdraft fees. I also have a "returned check" charge. see bottom of page. This is called the 21st Century Act. For more, read the consumer union site:  http://www.consumersunion.org/finance/ckclear1002.htm    (end of alert)

   Because fashion fabric is from the seasonal couture industry, I have limited quantities available. The chance to obtain more of a particular fashion fabric borders on the miraculous. (Miracles have happened, but please don't count on it)

      I really like to talk to my customers to make sure you get what you want. E-mail is a great way to communicate because "what you see is what you get"...fewer chances to make a boo-boo when its written down.  Talking on the phone with you is great. We can verify that I have the amount of fabric that you need, and I can tell you if I have something similar that I don't have on my site. Sometimes I can even suggest a better choice. Some fabrics I don't put on the website because of small yardage or some damage I find after I get it home.

    I'm  paranoid about security on the internet. A phone call or a letter with your charge information is the only way I can accept your MasterCard or VISA information now.  I do not keep a computer record of any credit card number. It will show up on the copy of the credit slip that is retained for my hard copy records but will not be dug up out of the paper files unless you tell me to.
    In fact, I now have completed compliance with MC & VISA in respect to all card data: care, storage and controlled destruction of card information.

PAYMENT:       All orders must be pre-paidMaster Card, Visa, money orders and personal checks accepted. All payments require conversation and planning to include shipping charges (which are based on weight) and handling charge.  I'm sorry but I can no longer sell outside  the US. .For personal checks add 7 to 10 days for my bank to clear your check before the order is shipped. Returned personal checks are subject to a $40.00 fee.
PA residents pay 6% tax on books, patterns and notions that do not become part of a garment.

ORDERING:       Email : This is probably your fastest way to reach me. I check my email every day that I'm here. I also check my answering machine but that isn't so "in my face" as the computer screen.

                        MasterCard & VISA: by phone:  make sure you have all the information, like fabric number and description, or the width and length of the stays. . The best time to get me is probably between 5 PM and 9 PM (eastern time)....I've had to take a "day job" in these economic hard times.  However, I do have an answering machine.  phone: (570) 836-2318.  Phone orders will be confirmed by e-mail to reduce the chance of my mistakes. If you leave a message speak clearly ....my old ears miss soft words/numbers ;)
                         MasterCard & VISA: by US Mail: Please talk or email with me first to make sure what you want is still in stock, and the costs involved. My address is:
PO BOX 307
TUNKHANNOCK, PA 18657-0307

     Mail orders will be confirmed by e-mail or by phone (please include both in your note). But it's SO much easier if you call or email me first rather than snail mail contact. Really truely.

MINIMUMS:    Cash and carry from the store, no minimum
                            Minimum cut when ordered is .5 yds. (half a yard)

HANDLING:  (last increase on 25 Jan, 2009) I'm sorry, but I find that I must add a handling charges to orders. I hate to do it but I'm assigning the blame for the increase where it belongs; not increasing the cost of the merchandise. Minimum charge for handling will be $ .50 (fifty cents).  Maximum charge for handling will be $3.50 (three dollars and fifty cents). I figure the charge by taking 4.95 % of the total of the merchandise and shipping costs. 

SHIPPING:         I use the US Postal Service for as much as I can and UPS if you really want it. Shipping and handling charges will be added to your charge card total when your order is shipped. For an idea of shipping charges, go to http://postcalc.usps.gov/   for the post office or UPS at http://www.ups.com/ and use their cost finding program...the zip code shipped from is 18657, and unless you are a store or business, you will be charged residential shipping.  UPS includes insurance on items up to $100 coverage. If your order value totals more, it will have insurance charges added. Shipping charges  will be exactly what I am charged to ship to you. UPS also charges me a fee to pick the package up.

RETURN   POLICY:   Returns accepted ONLY IF DUE TO ERROR ON MY PART. You must notify me within 10 days of shipping. I  will contact you to arrange the return/correction.  DO NOT SEND THE PACKAGE BACK BEFORE ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE. DO NOT "ASSUME" THERE WILL BE A REFUND! If a color or texture is critical see below about swatches.

SWATCHES: Swatches are available at a cost from 25 cents to $1.00.... depends on the fabric and how many swatches you want. I don't do big swatches because some of the fabrics I have are effectively "one of a kind" and to cut a big corner out of it reduces the amount for sale. That missing chunk could make the piece unusable to someone who has been hunting for this one "perfect fabric" for years. You all know what I mean about that kind of search!
    If I have over 12-13 yards of a 'regular' fabric I won't hesitate to sell you a swatch ;) But a satin brocade, exactly 8 yards, costing $19/yard...?   You're going to have to buy a swatch or a half yard.
    However, if you are buying 3 yards of linen (say, for an 18 century shortgown or a medieval tunic), then I'll be glad to put in some small swatches of other items you want to evaluate.
    (Sometimes I can even say "just send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope with a note to remind me what you want to see.")

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. (see Return Policy above.)

Returned checks subject to a $40.00 charge.

updated 12/6/2011