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Class Act Fabrics is taking a sabbatical. The few silks I have listed here are all I have. I'm back in school and won't have time for anything else right now.
        Class Act Fabrics   ...Silks...
Fabricmonger to the Crowns of the West Kingdom, SCA

     One thing we know from archeologist's digs: the silks valued enough to be used in burial, and even the scraps found in 10th century London middens, were smooth surfaced silks with only an occasional slub.
    I'm sorry to say that I haven't found_yet_ reference to deliberately irregular threads until an 1807 reference to pongee. I've found shantung mentioned in ready-to-wear ads in 1909 and in the May 1904 "The Delineator" magazine. Tussah was listed in a 1954 sewing book but not in a 1949....douppione was listed in 1972 but not 1969.
     Doesn't mean it wasn't there. It may not have been commonly used, or used for a different purpose. I'd love to have more research sources and time to use them. If you have sources to fill out history a bit more, please let me know!

    Someone mentioned that they had information that the uneven thread type silk was made in India in the middle ages but I don't have the documentation so I can't recommend it. I have seen documentation that fine silk was imported wrapped in 'raw silk' cloth and the wrappings were sold really cheaply (18th c). I highly doubt this was used as a 'fashion' fabric.

    As to which fabric is "period" for what__you really must go by your own research. (They're all beautiful and would make great "modern" clothing ;)  Some of  the dark jewels and black would be spectacular in "Goth". The taffetas work nicely for all times from medieval through French & Indian, and to Civil War era.

I have fiddled and fussed with the colors on these swatches, trying to match the original fabrics as close as possible. I think that the brain must make up some colors that don't exist in reality. sigh.  Email me with questions.
                                               All fabrics are 100% silk unless otherwise labeled.

click on pictures to see larger with better details

60" 50%silk, 50%linen
twill suiting
I saw this and HAD to get it. The colors remind me of opalescent dragons' eyes. Yeah, yeah... I know but I'm a big fan of Anne McCaffery and have always loved dragons and opals.
The base color is a golden tan and those thin lines of window panes are 'blush pink' and light sky blue. It is lovely! And it feels good too! It's the perfect weight for a light jacket or good suit coat. 
golden Tan/ blush pink & sky blue window panes

36 1/2" heavy taffeta
Now this is an unusual one. I'm not quite sure what to call it. The thread is a tightly twisted reeled silk. It is very tightly and evenly woven. This would make a fabulous interlining or boxy structured suit!

45" velvet
18% silk, 82% rayon
a beautiful traditional black velvet with silk ground and rayon pile...plushy subtle or subtly plush....whatever, it feels lovely.

45" Panne velvet
18% silk, 82% rayon
luscious flat pile with subtle gleams on the draping

45" Panne velvet
18% silk, 82% rayon
luscious flat pile velvet with subtle gleams on the draping.
pure Black

45" 18% silk, 82% rayon with gold lurex pinstripe
A soft plush velvet pile with glittering thin gold stripes. Enlarge picture to see the stripes...they glitter better in person.
White with gold pinstripe

45" 18% silk, 82% rayon with silver lurex pinstripe
A soft plush velvet pile and glittering thin silver stripe. Enlarge picture to see the stripes...they glitter better in person.
Black with silver pinstripe


56" silk taffeta
crisp and light, changeable silk perfect for gowns
unusual color:
pale blue warp,
pink weft
"frosted lavender"

58" changeable taffeta
crisp hand, pretty light color
pale yellow warp,
pale blue weft

54" silk paper taffeta
a very thin, rustling taffeta with a very unusual color.
Depending on the light in which you view this, the silk is either a warm black or a very very very dark brown.
It looks much like the vintage black cottons that have aged.










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